Setting your fashion on the floor is not an option. The grime and germs found on floors can damage your fashion and spread filth all over your household.

The solution is a purse hanger that can suspend your fashion from tables and other surfaces. This guide will walk you through the use and design of purse hangers.

How to Use

  • Remove from case.
  • Twist head 90 degrees.
  • Hang hanger from the edge of a table.
  • Suspend your handbag from the portion of the hanger below the table.

Local Hardwear hangers are designed to work on the widest range of surfaces. The folding design of our hangers allows for compact storage while not in use.

The dimensions of a purse hanger are critical to its utility. The hanger's overall height and width determine how much space the device will use while stowed in your purse. The size of the opening is the key factor in a hanger's versatility. You probably haven't taken a tape measure with you so you could measure the thickness of the tables in your favorite restaurants. We've done the research for you. The openings of our hangers are designed to work with the vast majority of table tops. Our hangers are deep enough to even work with table tops with rounded (beveled) edges.

Local Hardwear purse hangers are designed to hold up to 20 pounds. From compact evening bags to your versatile totes, we've got it handled.

In order to protect your hanger, and the contents of your purse, always carry it in its protective case or pouch.

Would you set a floor mop on your kitchen counter?
Of course not-floors are filthy and you don't want to spread germs and bacteria to your food preparation areas. That's exactly what happens when you set your purse on the floor, come home and place it on your table and counter.

Keep your valuables in sight
Would you hang your purse on the coat rack next to your table? Of course not, the items in your purse are too valuable to let out of your immediate control. Keep your valuables within reach with a purse hanger.

Get a purse hanger today and keep your purse clean and safe.


Aug. 8, 2006—

Women rarely go anywhere without a purse, which means that if a woman enters a place full of germs, so does her bag. That could mean she ends up carrying around microbes that could make her sick all day long.

Microbiologist Chuck Gerba researches where organisms that make us sick lurk and lately he says he has found that germs gather on the outside of a woman's purse, especially on the bottom.

"We found fecal bacteria you normally find on the floor of restroom," he said. "We found bacteria that can cause skin infections on the bottom of purses. What's more amazing is the large numbers we find on the bottom of purses, which indicates that they can be picking up a lot of other germs like cold viruses or viruses that cause diarrhea."

Using a hand-held germ meter, Gerba demonstrated how much bacteria can grow on a woman's purse for ABC News, with results that ranged from scary to downright terrifying. Health experts worry when the meter reads over 200, which means thousands of bacteria are present.

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Key Finders

It's dark and raining, the last thing you want to do is dig through your handbag to find your keys. A key finder is a simple device that helps you quickly locate your keys inside of your purse. Much more than a key chain - key finders attach to your keys plus clip to an inner or outer pocket.

For your protection we recommend that you utilize key finders on an inside pocket.

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