Caring for your Crystal iPhone Case
Swarovski Crystal iPhone Cases

Preserve the brilliance of your Swarovski Crystal iPhone case by utilizing this easy to follow guide.

Crystal iPhone cases are not for rugged use.
Crystal iPhone cases are not intended for your rugged endevours. If your lifestyle includes running with your phone, biking, rock climbing, etc., plan on utilizing the Two Case solution. With the Two Case solution you’ll use your crystal iPhone case for nights out and formal event then use a rugged rubber case, like our Otterbox cases, for everyday use. Dropping your crystal iPhone cases will likely damage it.

Use Your Pouch when Storing or Carrying
Use your pouch when you place your Swarovski Crsytal iPhone case in your pocket, handbag, backpack, glove boxes, etc. Placing items directly against other object may rub the crystals off of your case.

Set Your Phone on Your Pouch
Do not set your phone down on hard surfaces crystal side down. That being said you do not want to set your phone down screen side down on hard surfaces either. When you are at the bistro or wine bar and want to display your beautiful crystal (or if you are expecting a call), set your phone on your pouch.

Use a Screen Protector
Protect the screen of your iPhone from scratches with a screen protector. Avoid placing your phone next to keys, coins and sharp objects that can scratch your phone's screen.

Replacing Crystals
If your iPhone case loses a crystal you may be able to replace it yourself with minimal effort. Your iPhone case comes with a few extra crystals. Affix a replacement crystal with a clear cement designed for crytals. This type of cement can be found at crafts and beads stores for under $10. We recommend G-S Hypo Cement and Bead Enhance Glue by Beacon.

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